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Your Bridal Bouquet - Artistique Photography by Nicolette

Your Bridal Bouquet
(Artistique Photography by Nicolette)
Your bridal bouquet is a very important aspect of your wedding day, colour and theming.  I (Artistique Photography by Nicolette) would like to give you some points to consider when selecting the flower type/colour and style of your bouquet.
It is important when you select your bouquet that you consider the following:
  • Does it hide the detail on your wedding gown?
  • How will you carry your bouquet?
  • How easy will your bouquet be to hand to bridesmaids during the ceremony and at other times?
  • Will your bouquet be heavy?
  • Will it flatter your wedding gown?
  • Will it make you sneeze (if you suffer from hayfever, this is an important point to consider) or your bridal party!
I have compiled the following list of popular bridal flowers, their meaning and availability:
  • Tulips - Signifies elegance. (not available Dec/Jan)
  • Orchids - Signifies sensuality.  (available all year)
  • Pink Roses - Signifies I adore you.
  • White Roses - Signifies purity.
  • Red Roses - Signifies I love you.  (roses available all year)
  • Ivy - signifies good luck. (available all year)
  • Arum Lilies - Signifies Purity (available Aug/Sept)
  • Iris - Magestic - (not available Dec/Jan)
  • Gerberas - Signifies Admiration. (available all year)
  • Freesias - Signifies Sweetness. (available all year)
There are of course different styles of bridal bouquets and you need to consider whether you would like a cascading soft / gentle bouquet for a traditional romantic wedding or something bright and textured for passion.  Also available and popular in bouquets today are succulents, twigs, vines and even driftwood for that earthy dramatic beach or garden wedding.  There are also "forever" bouquets available.
I can put you in touch with some very artistic florists on the Central Coast NSW and Artistique Photography by Nicolette will help you link with other wedding professionals on the Central Coast, should you need it.

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