Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Looking Your Best for Your Wedding
(Artistique Photography by Nicolette)
Brides are choosing classic, soft feminine styles for their hair this season and it's popular to have the hair down in soft flowing waves, a style which goes well with feminine, simply wedding gowns.  Brides choosing a more traditional wedding gown are opting to have their hair up, but not with wispy pieces of hair hanging down.


I always advise my brides to seek out a professional make up artist who will use a foundation which is suitable for photography, like Napoleon Perdis "Camera Finish".  The trend these days is to look as though you have no make up on at all and to highlight either your eyes or your lips, so if you choose to highlight your eyes, then you would go easy on your lips and if you chose to highlight your lips with a bold red for example, then you would go easy on your eye make up keeping if soft and simple.

You will need to remember that you need to look your best on your wedding day and this goes beyond just wearing a good foundation, good eye make up and lipstick.  Planning your wedding can be a stressful time and the last thing you want is a break out of pimples on your wedding day.  However, if the worst happens and you get a pimple or two, don't stress about it because Artistique Photography by Nicolette will remove these from your photographs for you.  You need to relax and pamper yourself, go easy on the amount of coffee and alcohol and remember to drink lots of water.  It is also important to get into the habit of cleansing and moisturising daily and most importantly to arrange a make up trial in the weeks before your wedding.  I am so pleased that I arranged this before my own wedding because the eye make up and mascara caused my eyes to stream - not what you want to have happen on your wedding day!
Also a good idea is to pack a little Emergency Kit, which should contain concealer, lip colour/gloss, translucent powder, mascara, make up remover and moisturiser.  Also include eye drops, safety pins, breath mints and pain killers for headache etc.
I am always happy to talk make up and hair with my brides and offer some good contacts on the Links page of my website.

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