Friday, 10 March 2017

Artistique Wedding Photography - Rach and Will are Married

Artistique Wedding Photography

Rach and Will are Married - Wedding Ceremony and Formals.


Saturday 4 March 2017 at Bonnells Bay, NSW


Congratulations to Rach and Will on their beautiful wedding last Saturday. Everyone was a little apprehensive given the very bad weather report and no "wet weather" venue for their Wedding Ceremony. So, their Ceremony was to go ahead outside at Bonnells Bay on the shores of Lake Macquarie in rain, hail, wind or storm - and so it did! It rained heavily and umbrellas were held over the bride and groom during the Ceremony. I was grateful to my Assistant who was able to keep my camera/lens dry by holding a massive umbrella up and to know my every move in capturing their Ceremony for them and so keeping me dry! Guests were all huddled under umbrellas and the signing of the Register was done in the back of the Celebrant's car.

After the formal part of the day was over the bride and groom and my assistant and I moved to another nearby location for formal bridal party photos and took advantage of tiny breaks in the weather where heavy rain became drizzle and then it was back to heavy showers, wind and thunder soon began to roll in just as we were finishing off - good timing!  I always like to recommend to couples that they have a wet weather option, but we made it through, if not a little more than damp at the end of the formal photos!

After the ceremony Rach and Will had an informal Wedding Reception at their home just a walk around the corner from where their formal photos were.  You will see a photo of them walking home to begin their married life!

Here are just a few photos from Rach and Will's beautiful wedding day:



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