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Artistique Photography by Nicolette - Why Put Off Having Family Portraits?

Artistique Photography by Nicolette

Why Put Off Having Family Portraits?

Today many people have DSLR cameras and like to take their own “Family Portraits”.  I also see them all come out at weddings I capture.  Unfortunately people think if you have a good camera then you take good photos and to use an analogy – just because you have the latest oven, doesn’t mean you can cook the best meal!  Photography is about light and composition and a few more things too.

I have heard many times from clients that they wished they had organised family portraits years ago, maybe while grandma and grandpa were still alive, or while their children were younger.  The older we get, the more difficult it can become to get the whole family together for a portrait.  People live busy lives and with work schedules, kids and other family members may live in different cities, states or countries.  My answer is don’t put off capturing those beautiful memories you will treasure for a lifetime and make sure you organise a get together to have your portraits done.
My style of photographing family portraits is not to take photos which literally put you to sleep looking at them or for that matter, put those having their portraits taken to sleep!  I like people to be as natural as possible and also to have interactive portraits.

When you have everyone together for your large group photo, you often have someone who looks away from the camera, someone decides to blow their nose, one of the children decides that there is no way they are going to look at that silly person holding that large camera, another child develops a fascination for picking their nose, dad looks like he has a rod up his bum, mum says she hates her photo taken and so the list goes on.  Believe me I have encountered them all!  I always like to spend time with the family before I actually start taking photos and this is very important with children – to gain their confidence and they “like” you.  It is important that I build a rapport with everyone and they soon discover my personality too!

Now you have decided you would like family portraits done, I have put together some tips which will help you get ready for your session:

1.     It is important for larger groups especially, to co-ordinate what you wear, but this doesn’t mean that everyone has to wear blue jeans and white tee shirt.  It simply means that you complement each other by selecting colours which blend together and I advise my clients not to wear patterns that are too “busy” as this can detract from the photograph and also advise clients not to wear brown.

2.     Dress for the Location and the Season  -  If you are planning to have your photo session at the beach, don’t wear high heels or dresses you are not comfortable sitting down in.  If you are having your photos during the winter months, don’t wear shorts and a tee shirt as you will be uncomfortable from the cold and this will show in your photos!  Maybe throw in a jacket and if time and location allow, maybe a change of clothes.

3.     Planning Ahead – Allow enough time to think about all the details of your session, maybe you will get your hair and make-up done (but keep it natural), does someone need a haircut?

4.     Show your Personality – This is very important.  I like to capture each individual as they are so that their personality shows in the photos.  If you force children to wear outfits unfamiliar to then, this may cause anxiety and the same applies to adults – wear outfits that are comfortable and you feel good wearing.

5.     Props – I have a few props which I take along to my outdoor photo sessions.  Remember, these are your photos and they will speak volumes about you, so bring along any accessories you would like to use.  Also, if a young child has a special toy, teddy or blanket that they are never without, let them bring that along too.  If mum loves flowers, bring some along!  Make sure you do discuss your ideas with your Photographer.  Most of all be natural, be yourself!

I hope these tips have helped you, and give me a call, email me, I would love to capture some beautiful memories for you and your family to treasure.
My next blog today will be my very special Outdoor Portrait Offer.
Artistique Photography by Nicolette

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