Monday, 22 May 2017

Black and White Wedding Photography Video - Artistique Wedding Photography

Artistique Wedding Photography

Black and White Wedding Photos

I always include Black and White photos in with my wedding photography packages.  Some photos look fantastic in black and white, especially if the lighting is beautiful (which it should be!)  Below is a video of quite a few images I have captured which I thought I would show to you.  I always discuss my style of photography with a couple and find out if they like black and white photos.  I have had a couple of brides say no to black and white, but I find most like to have photos reproduced in black and white as well as colour.


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Friday, 19 May 2017

How to choose your Wedding Photographer - Artistique Wedding Photography

What to look for when selecting your Wedding Photographer

Artistique Wedding Photography
Central Coast, NSW

I thought I would write a blog about what you should be looking for when selecting your photographer and unfortunately most people go by price alone.  I have requests to capture full day (10 hour weddings for $500), but a qualified professional wedding photographer such as Artistique Wedding Photography, located on the Central Coast, cannot sustain this in business.  For my full day (9hr) package I charge $1995 and you can pop on over to my website to see the inclusions in this package along with my other packages:

When your wedding is over, what will you have? Of course, you will have each other and some great memories, but how will you preserve those memories, not only for yourself, but also for future generations, your family and friends? The easy answer is with pictures of your wedding, but the truth is that it’s not really that simple.  When preserving such a special and unique day, you can’t trust just anyone. To make sure that your special day is captured in the best way, make sure to choose a professional wedding photographer that meets a few simple qualifications. 

One of the first things to consider is to make sure that you feel at ease with the photographer - If you are not, it will show in the pictures. When you talk to potential wedding photographers make sure that you feel comfortable with them. Is it someone that you can spend all day with? Is the photographer someone that will blend naturally with your guests? Look at the photographer’s other photos. If the photographer can’t make people feel relaxed it will be obvious in the pictures. 

Another very important thing to look for in a quality wedding photographer is how organised and efficient they are. A good wedding photographer will have everything organised from the beginning.  A simple questionnaire about what you want will give the photographer an idea what you are looking for and ensure the best pictures possible. 

Before you book your wedding, find out who will be taking your pictures. There are many large photography firms that snap out weddings in an assembly line fashion. With these large companies, you don’t always know what or who you are getting. You should be able to work directly with the person that will be taking your wedding photos and not with a manager or sales person. If you don’t know who is going to be taking your pictures, you won’t know if you have the needed rapport with your photographer and it will show in the end. 

Every couple is different and that means that every wedding is different. Of course, there are many must have shots that all couples want, but there are often unique requests. With family structures evolving and old divisions breaking down, the wants and needs are changing too. If you have interesting and distinctive wedding photography needs you will need a wedding photographer that is flexible and adaptable. Make sure to talk to your photographer and see how they respond to odd request. This will help you decide if they have the talent and creativity to get the look your want. 

The best wedding photography is going to take some time. Standing and posing for shots isn’t always the most enjoyable thing to do when there is food and fun waiting, but if you want the best photos from your wedding you should allow at least 60 minutes for bridal party formal photos and approx. (90 minutes for pre-ceremony photos with bride and bridesmaids getting ready before they leave for the ceremony location). 

The last and one of the most important things to keep in mind is how the photographer approaches wedding photography. Is he/she just taking pictures? Or creating art? Is your photographer passionate about photography or simply just doing a job? There are literally thousands of wedding photographers that can take your pictures and do a good job. They can output posed pictures as easily as someone in an office creates a spreadsheet. To these generic photographers it is just a job. If you want something special you need to find an artist that loves photography and will combine skill, talent, and heart to capture your special day.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Artistique Wedding Photography - Meegan and Steve are Married

Meegan and Steven


Toukley, NSW Central Coast

Congratulations to Meegan and Steve who were married on Saturday 29 April 2017 at the Beachcomber Resort in Toukley, Central Coast, NSW.  The weather was absolutely perfect, no wind, and a beautiful 23deg with a spectacular sunset later in the day.  They were married before family and friends and the Celebrant was Rebecca Phillips-Vasilescu from Bella Celebrations, Central Coast.  Rebecca and I get to work together fairly often and she always puts together the most beautiful ceremonies.

Here are a few photos from Meegan and Steve's wedding day: