Monday, 22 May 2017

Black and White Wedding Photography Video - Artistique Wedding Photography

Artistique Wedding Photography

Black and White Wedding Photos

I always include Black and White photos in with my wedding photography packages.  Some photos look fantastic in black and white, especially if the lighting is beautiful (which it should be!)  Below is a video of quite a few images I have captured which I thought I would show to you.  I always discuss my style of photography with a couple and find out if they like black and white photos.  I have had a couple of brides say no to black and white, but I find most like to have photos reproduced in black and white as well as colour.



  1. Yes I really like your post I also love to do black & white portrait photography because as we all know photography is initially done in B&W. In my opinion black & white photography pictures are more meaningful and beautiful than colour photographs.