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Importance of Booking a Professional Photographer - Artistique Photography by Nicolette

Importance of Booking a Professional Photographer
(Artistique Photography by Nicolette)
With all the digital cameras on the market these days and perhaps a family member has the latest, it's very tempting for you to have them photograph your wedding for you, but - it's not the camera that takes the photos, it's the person behind the camera lens!  Also, your family member wants to enjoy themselves at your wedding and there will be missed photo opportunities while they are interacting with guests and enjoying the celebration.
Only a Professional Photographer has the skills to work behind the lens and also in front of the lens, arranging the bride and groom, wedding party, family and guests, resulting in capturing beautiful memories of your wedding day.
Here are some important things to consider when selecting your Professional Photographer:
Be sure to choose your Professional Photographer yourself, don't let friends or family            members do this for you.  I (Artistique Photography by Nicolette) ask my bride and groom lots of questions at the initial meeting so I get a clear indication of what they have in mind for their wedding day, I ask my bride and groom if they have any questions, what they have in mind etc.
Make sure you are clear about what the Professional Photographer's packages include.  I go over everything with my bride and groom and indicate what is covered in their package:
  • A 1-1.5hr Engagement Photo Shoot (pre wedding shoot) with all images professionally edited and onto a CD (approx. 80 images) at a venue on the Central Coast NSW of their choice.
  • Selection of coloured wedding umbrellas for bride and groom to use.
  • Images of wedding photographs professionally edited (some reproduced in black and white) of wedding day.
  • A photographer who is relaxed, has a sense of humour and a passion for capturing those special memories of the wedding day.
It is also important that you know who will be capturing your wedding day for you.  I always say to my bride and groom at the wedding meeting that I (Artistique Photography by Nicolette) will capture their wedding for them, but if due to any unforseen circumstance, I am unable to, I will let them know asap and offer refund of any money paid and suggest another photographer with similar style to myself.  That hasn't happened and let's hope it never will!
Many Studios will employ casual staff which gives you no guarantee as to who will be capturing your wedding for you.
I hope you have enjoyed reading about the importance of booking a Professional Photographer and Artistique Photography by Nicolette prides itself in being very professional in all respects of photography.

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