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A First Wedding Anniversary idea - Artistique Wedding Photography

Artistique Wedding Photography

A First Wedding Anniversary Idea - Trash the Dress

Caves Beach, Central Coast, NSW


The idea to many brides of "Trashing their Wedding Dress" sounds absolutely dreadful, but it really depends on how you plan to do it!  I have captured many Trash the Dress Photo sessions, which I like to do either at sunrise or sunset as the light is the most beautiful and romantic and always at the beach.  Often a wedding dress is quite dirty around the bottom (especially if it has a train), and brides worry about whether the dirt will ever come out, even with dry cleaning.  I have had brides arrive for a trash the dress photo session at the beach and the bottom of the dress is dirty, but by the time the photo shoot is over, it is clean, apart from a bit of sand which nothing but a hose down will fix at home and then maybe if you still want to, take it off to the dry cleaners and it's ready for storing.

Yesterday I captured a couple who chose to Trash the Dress on their first wedding anniversary.  I suggested a beautiful nearby beach on the Central Coast as they had traveled up from Sydney and weren't too sure of a good sunrise location.  I chose Caves Beach, which has a beautiful rock cave and is absolutely beautiful at sunrise.  We arrived at first light and the dawn revealed some cloud in the sky which is an added bonus. For the next couple of hours we had a lot of fun and the "groom" surprised the "bride" and presented her with an eternity ring.  Here are some photos from yesterday morning, which I would like to share with you.

Central Coast, NSW

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