Monday, 22 September 2014

Artistique Photography by Nicolette - Mel and Alan are married

Artistique Photography by Nicolette
Mel and Alan's Wedding Day
Mel and Alan were married at St Patrick's Church in East Gosford, with their Reception at the Soldiers Beach Surf Club.  It was a cold windy day with heavy showers, but we managed to time everything perfectly to dodge the showers!  Here are some photos of their beautiful wedding.



  1. I am too impressed with your camera work.
    Keep it up!

    Amanda Gentle Photography

  2. I am searching for a good wedding photographer for my sister’s wedding. Most of photographers I have come across are very expensive. I am thinking to engage services of a planner as not able to find good venues in Chicago too in our budget.

    1. Hi Wenni, thank you for your message. I would love to help you with capturing beautiful memories for your sister's wedding but I am actually based in Australia. Best of luck in finding a more local photographer for her wedding.