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Artistique Photography by Nicolette - You're Engaged, now it's time to plan your Wedding Day

You're Engaged, now it's time to plan your Wedding Day
You have now decided you are getting married, this is just the beginning, but where to start?
Planning your wedding involves both of you, and your fiancé may have chosen your engagement ring, but if you are choosing it together then there are things to consider such as, shape of your hands, your lifestyle, whether you like gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum.
Set your wedding date:
It is a good idea to allow 10 to 12 months for your planning and some couples plan even a year or two out from their wedding day.  I certainly have bookings for late 2017 and it is only May 2016.  You need to decide what time of the year you would like, maybe spring or autumn.  You need to think carefully about a mid summer wedding where temperatures can reach 35-40deg which is unpleasant for everyone, especially when you are wearing a wedding gown, suits etc.  Also, you need to consider your elderly guests.  I have captured weddings in 40deg and members of the bridal party have fainted.  Weather in autumn is generally very settled and early winter in warm climates is pleasant too.
How many guests to invite?

The average number of guests for weddings I have captured recently is around 75 - 80, but you need to decide whether you will have a medium or large sized wedding although your budget may dictate this for you.
This can vary from $1500 to $90.000 and above.  Remember, you don't need to spend an outrageous amount to have a wonderful day!  Budget will be spent on the following areas:
  • Invitations
  • Wedding Rings
  • Wedding gown / fashion for groom / bridal party
  • Flowers
  • Ceremony
  • Cake
  • Photography / Videography
  • Music / DJ / MC
  • Catering / Alcohol
  • Transport
  • Wedding night accommodation
  • Honeymoon

It is a good idea to open a separate bank account for your wedding, that way you will see what you are spending and it's easier to keep a record and stick to your budget.
Next Steps:
Again, start planning as soon as your wedding date is set.
Book your venue as soon as your date is set.  I have sometimes been asked my availability before a venue has been set.  Be sure to check with your chosen photographer, if you really do want them and avoid disappointment.
Delegate tasks, you don't need to do everything.
Make sure you both communicate with each other.
In my next blog I will look at Check Lists and The Countdown to your wedding day.

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