Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Artistique Photography by Nicolette - Bridal Photography Competition.

Australian Bridal Photography Competition

Placed in Top 5

A couple of months ago I decided to enter one of my photographs in the Australian Bridal Photography Competition in the section "Open Brief" and to my surprise last week, I was awarded placement in the top 5. 

Below is the photograph and I took it while guests were gathering at the church and waiting for the bride's arrival.  The Bestman was standing around with his hands in his pockets, so I asked if he had the rings in his pocket and his answer was "yes I do", (fortunately!) so I asked if I could "borrow" them for a moment or two as I saw a lovely twig with lichen on it and could visualise the two wedding bands on the twig and perhaps capture one of the wedding guests in the background, and this is what I have done.  Have a close look at the reflection in the wedding band and you will see a guest. 

I always like to arrive at the ceremony venue early, and always look for photographic opportunities while waiting for the bride to arrive.

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